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Florida Solar One - The Finest Solar Construction Firm Serving South Florida & Caribbean.


Our clients include NASA, US Navy and multiple high end residential and respected commercial companies throughoutNasa is a client of Solar One South Florida, Bahamas, Jamaica and Grand Cayman Islands.



With over a billion dollars in major capital construction experience the team of professionals at Florida Solar One know what it takes to build your renewable energy project on time, under budget and maintain it for the decades to come.


commercial solar panel installerOur solar energy systems are built to deliver the highest energy harvest and production outputs that lead to the most attractive financial rates of return on your investment in the marketplace.   We offer turn key solar solutions for any sized system whether residential, commercial or utility scale in most markets throughout the United States, Jamaica, Caribbean and Latin America.




Florida solar panel financing

Florida Solar One is the best Caribbean Solar Panel Installer one can find.


If you are looking to build, own or lease and operate a professional solar energy system with the highest energy production and want to build these assets through financing or performance contracted services, we can help.



Florida Solar One provides solutions that are guaranteed to stabilize reduce and/or eliminate your high cost of traditional electricity for your business, home, institution or country in ways you never thought possible.